Shadows of the Great Old Ones

The odd disappearance of Bob Dalewell

June 14, 1927

Weeks later, their next investigation led them to Fairview, Maine. Based on correspondence and newspaper clippings, they had learned that a college student, Bob Dalewell, and some of his classmates has disappeared. They were doing an amateur excavation of an old indian mound, discovering a small stone rune with strange writings and an odd bronze relief. They had disappeared with only one student being found wandering the woods weeks later. All of these events had transpired nearly a year ago.

Investigating further, they had found that the cabin was that of Bob Dalewell’s passed uncle, James Dalewell. Fifteen year prior James had gone insane and killed some migrant farm workers. Further research discovered that an exceedingly rare tribe of native americans practiced ritual sacrifice within the New England region and that some mound structures were a focal point of these activities. The investigators realized that Dalewell very likely had stumbled across such a ruin.

Finally visiting Fairview and interacting with the locals, many expressed the view that people should just forget what horrible things happened there. The group pressed on and searched through the remains of the cabin to find the stone and bronze relief within the burnt rubble. Heading further into the woods they came across the mound. The structure had a hole dug within the side of it and a narrow passageway leading further inside the earthen mound. Inside a large chamber, another hole was dug up in the corner. This passageway lead to another chamber further underground, however this was lined with cut stone. Clearly some other set of ruins.

There they were confronted with a large tentacled creature. All of them felt a tugging within the confines of their mind to follow it through a warren of tunnels that connected to the stone chamber. A frenzied battle ensued with the creature being slain and dissolving into a large puddle of ooze. Fearing others would be drawn to the ruins, the investigators sealed up the lower chamber with dynamite and fled with their lives.


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