Tales of investigation into the files of Prof. Charles Porter…

A Lovecraft themed, Savage Worlds campaign. Set in 1927 Maine, several stalwart individuals seek to illuminate the mysteries provided by a deceased friend.

The first woman governor had been elected. The Scopes trial was undertaken and the sentence set aside. U.S. marines were dispatched to Nicaragua during a revolt and are still stationed there. Hitler had published Volume I of Mein Kampf. Meanwhile the German economy collapses. Socialists riot in Vienna and a general strike follows with the acquittal of Nazis for political murder. Trotsky was expelled from the Russian Communist Party.

Gertrude Ederle of U.S. is the first woman to swim English Channel. Ernest Hemingway’s, ‘The Sun Also Rises’ is published. Charles A. Lindbergh flies the first successful solo nonstop flight from New York to Paris. The Jazz Singer, with Al Jolson, the first part-talking motion picture is released. Babe Ruth looks like he is on track to set the record for home runs.

Against this backdrop of turmoil and triumph for humans, a squirming, pulsating fester of evil seems to be ever present within the shadows. These are tales of those who dare pull back the curtain and bring forgotten knowledge of the dark mythos into the light.

Shadows of the Great Old Ones