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Accidental Death of Retired Local Professor

Haven Bay Telegraph, May 21,1927

The body of Professor Charles D. Porter was found washed ashore Wednesday, May 12th. The coroner stated that the cause of death was likely due to a fall rather than drowning. The retired professor was known to take long hikes along the shore and police suspect he suffered an accidental fall, resulting in his death.

Professor Porter was a world renowned archaeologist and was tenured faculty at Haven Bay University. Several years ago he suffered a mental breakdown and was admitted to a Washington County psychiatric care facility. Since his recovery, he became semi-retired taking a part time faculty position at the university. He had sold off much of his estate and taken up residence within Haven Bay. Locals that claimed to have known the deceased, stated that he was a quiet, reserved man, that enjoyed hikes in the surrounding countryside.

He is survived by no immediate family of his own, other than unnamed relatives. As per request, he will have no funeral service.

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